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Simple Cloud Management with Mist

I’m no stranger to Cloud Management platforms and their concepts. For a good portion of my time with Red Hat I worked with one of our products called CloudForms which is based on the open source project ManageIQ. ManageIQ is an awesome platform that is well documented and used by hundreds of Red Hat customers. The big downside to ManageIQ is it is a complex platform and frankly most CMPs are very complex. While I was doing research for the Sudo Show on the topic of open source cloud management, I came across an open source product called Mist. I had never heard of it until I stumbled on the product page of the company behind it and to my delight it had a self-hosted open source version.

Linux Friendly Tablet Software

This is a growing list of software that I have found that works best on tablet devices that can run Linux

Remote Work

In a time of COVID-19 many of use are experiencing remote/distributed work for the first time or as it was once called Telecommute. I have been working from home the vast majority of my 15-year career and I wanted to give some tips to those experiencing full time remote work for the first time over the last few months. The negative perception about remote work I hope is now dead with Covid-19 forcing all office work to happen away from the office.

A year in with IBM

I has been 1 year since IBM completed the acquisition of Red Hat. Last year after the acquisition I honestly didn’t know what to expect. I was excited and a little scared because I wasn’t sure what the future would hold given IBM’s reputation. A year in Red Hat is still Red Hat.

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