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Open Source Funding Models

There has been much debate around how to fund open source projects and keep the maintainers engaged or pull them into their projects full time. Some are worried about Open Source becoming too “Corporate”. Those people want to have their cake and eat it too by asking maintainers to rely purely on donations and still get quality software for free. Then there are those like me that see that model as unsustainable. Developers can’t live off donations and have little to no incentive to keep working on the projects they create other than their passion which can only take a person so far.

Advice for aspiring Technologists

In the Sudo Show community we have several community members that are in their mid to late teens. They have asked for advice on getting involved in Open Source technology and kick-starting their career when they leave school. This is a very difficult conversation for me to have not because the conversation is difficult, but my advice expects a level of enthusiasm. When it comes to be being a technologist, it isn’t what I do it is who I am. I’ve shared advice with people before, they have been unable to relate to me because to them their profession has nothing to do with who they are it is just a job to put food on the table. I don’t want to say find your passion, that was the bad advice that I was given growing up. Not only that, but I know many people that should have just not gone to college because their degree has nothing to do with what they are doing today. They got their degree because they were passionate about the subject and now have tens of thousands of dollars of college debt. Now their current career has nothing to do with their degree, so they might as well have skipped college all together.

Multi/Hybrid Cloud

I’ve gotten into agruements with my fellow technologist around what Multi or Hybrid Cloud means and if it is even needed. I personally believe that the concept of Hybrid cloud is not only essential but the future of computing for many companies around the globe. Multi-cloud and Hybrid-Cloud can mean the same thing in some reguards but here is my personal defination of both.

Simple Cloud Management with Mist

I’m no stranger to Cloud Management platforms and their concepts. For a good portion of my time with Red Hat I worked with one of our products called CloudForms which is based on the open source project ManageIQ. ManageIQ is an awesome platform that is well documented and used by hundreds of Red Hat customers. The big downside to ManageIQ is it is a complex platform and frankly most CMPs are very complex. While I was doing research for the Sudo Show on the topic of open source cloud management, I came across an open source product called Mist. I had never heard of it until I stumbled on the product page of the company behind it and to my delight it had a self-hosted open source version.

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