This is a growing list of software that I have found that works best on tablet devices that can run Linux

Touch Friendly Software

Mostly optimized intentially or unintentially for touch.

  • Gnome Notes
  • Geary
  • Gnome Calenar (still hate it)
  • Gnome Contact
  • Gnome Feeds
  • Gnome To Do
  • Gnome Settings
  • Password Safe
  • Fractal
  • Gnome Clock
  • Basically most Gnome software projects

Mostly Touch Friendly Software

The interface is partially friendly for touch but part of the interface is not optimized for touch

  • Evolution

Stylus Friendly Software

This software may not be “touch friendly” but works great with a Stylus. Most Windows Tablets are just Wacom Tablets like the Thinkpad 10 or the Thinkpad Helix 2.

  • Xournal++
  • OpenBoard
  • Drawpile